New Brighton Pier Photography Guide

The New Brighton Pier is a well-known structure in Christchurch. Since it was built and opened to the public over 25 years ago, it has been a popular subject for photographers.  During my time living in Christchurch, New Brighton was one of my favourite spots to visit to surf and take photography from the beach.Continue reading “New Brighton Pier Photography Guide”

Skomer Island Puffins Photography Guide

Atlantic Puffins are classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with numbers of the species worldwide declining. Meanwhile, Atlantic Puffin numbers are growing on Skomer Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales, making this a wildlife photographers dream! In fact, the puffin bird population on Skomer Island has surged by 240 percent comparedContinue reading “Skomer Island Puffins Photography Guide”

Best New Zealand Long Exposure Photography Locations

Long exposure photography has a unique quality that enhances the attraction of already stunning settings. The landscapes of New Zealand draw photographers from all over the world, and many utilise long exposure to get professional photography shots of the country’s most magnificent locations. This blog will aim to show you the best long exposure locationsContinue reading “Best New Zealand Long Exposure Photography Locations”

Best Backpack for Photographers

The best camera backpacks have proven to be far superior to a standard backpack for carrying videography or photography equipment. The best backpack for photographers will usually have strong exteriors to secure contents from the outdoors, alongside padded interiors to prevent sensitive cameras and lenses from spinning around and colliding with one another. You wantContinue reading “Best Backpack for Photographers”

Best Waterfall Photography Spots in New Zealand

Some of the world’s best waterfall photography spots are in New Zealand. According to Land Information New Zealand, the nation boasts 249 waterfalls! This article will attempt to narrow down the selection of waterfall photography spots in New Zealand to only the best and most photogenic waterfalls in both the North and South Island. BestContinue reading “Best Waterfall Photography Spots in New Zealand”

Best Portable Hard Drives for Photographers

A photographers camera equipment would be incomplete without an external portable hard drive. SD cards and PC hard drives quickly fill up when capturing hundreds of photographs at each photoshoot. Whether photography is your profession, or your a hobby you’ll need a external photo storage solution that can keep up with a busy photographer’s demands.Continue reading “Best Portable Hard Drives for Photographers”

Best Fujifilm X Mirrorless Lenses

Fujifilm cameras are popular for their sturdy build and impressive quality, allowing you to capture scenes and subjects with intricate detail. If you wish to enhance your camera and produce the best images possible, pairing it with XF lenses for the Fujifilm X series mirrorless cameras is worthwhile. Fujifilm X mirrorless lenses are also idealContinue reading “Best Fujifilm X Mirrorless Lenses”

Best Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras

Fujifilm cameras are respected amongst photographers because they are some of the best, most stylish, visually appealing, and exciting mirrorless digital cameras. Irrespective of the camera type you win, whether it’s a Fuji APS-C mirrorless or one of the newer GFX Medium-format options, you’re guaranteed a sublime shooting experience with these Fujifilm gadgets. One factorContinue reading “Best Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras”

Best iPhone Photography Accessories

Photography in recent decades has experienced a revolution, with iPhones producing some of the best and most high-quality images that rival mid-range cameras. The iPhone is one of the best examples of a smartphone with strong photographic potential. The Apple series of mobile devices boast impressive camera hardware and there are numerous options to purchaseContinue reading “Best iPhone Photography Accessories”

Best Retro Style Digital Camera

The best retro style digital cameras provide a unique and unparalleled photographic experience compared to other modern cameras on the market.  As a photographer, there is something nostalgic about picking up a retro style digital camera that transports you back to the past. The top retro camera manufacturers have taken inspiration from classic camera designsContinue reading “Best Retro Style Digital Camera”

Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses

Mirrorless lenses are a common choice for professional photographers because of their ability to produce real-time previews of contrast and exposure. Sony is consistently producing some of the best mirrorless lenses out there! Their Alpha mirrorless camera range is pretty epic! Sony is credited for being the first to introduce a full frame mirrorless lens/cameraContinue reading “Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses”

Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless Cameras are famous for being lighter, faster, more compact, and better for video than others without a mirror mechanism. Additionally, these best Sony mirrorless cameras present less shaky photos and improve image stabilization, and due to the few moving parts within the device, you have a quieter and more discreet camera. If you’re lookingContinue reading “Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras”

Best Mini Tripods for Photography

Mini tripods are the best way for photographers with compact setups to achieve solid picture stability. Feature-rich and flashier larger aluminum tripods are usually preferred by professional photographers. However, a mini tripod, also known as a table top tripod, can provide both beginners and enthusiast photographers with many benefits you might not have considered. ForContinue reading “Best Mini Tripods for Photography”

5 Reasons to Use Adobe for Your Photography

Adobe has long been the dominant player in the photography editing scene. The Adobe creative cloud software allows you to sign up for a subscription of your choice and get access to the latest editing apps to level up your photography game. According to Adobe, over 90% of the world’s creative professionals use Adobe Photoshop.Continue reading “5 Reasons to Use Adobe for Your Photography”

Best Compact Cameras for Travel

Wondering what the top compact travel cameras are right now? If you’re overwhelmed with wanderlust and wish to visit new locations, it’s worth noting that a photograph is the best souvenir for such an adventure. It’s the best way to revisit your favourite moments and share the thrill with friends and family. While smartphones possessContinue reading “Best Compact Cameras for Travel”

Best Smartphones for Photography

Looking for the best smartphones for photography right now? Smartphones have come a long way since they were first introduced, from mere communication devices to essential multitasking tools that meet different needs. One innovative feature these smartphones possess today is a sophisticated camera system to help improve your photography. Essentially, current technology allows manufacturers toContinue reading “Best Smartphones for Photography”

Best Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Looking for best full-frame mirrorless system cameras you can get right now? Let me guide you!  Finished a recent photography course? Looking to upgrade your equipment? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s begin by describing what a full-frame camera is and why it might be so beneficial to your work. The term “full-frame” refers toContinue reading “Best Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras”

Where to Build Your Own Photography Website

Looking for the best places for photographers to build their own photography website? So you’ve edited your photos nicely? Trying to decide between WordPress, Squarespace and Weebly, to build your own Photography Website? If you’re wondering how to make a website on your own, you’ve come to the right place! Currently, these are arguably theContinue reading “Where to Build Your Own Photography Website”

Top Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Whether it’s printed media, websites or social media, the first thing noticed is the quality of the images. Therefore knowing you are using the best photo editing software for photographers is vital! According to researched complied by 3M, the corporation behind Post-it Notes, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. There’s no questioning howContinue reading “Top Photo Editing Software for Photographers”

Best Online Photography Magazines

Love the thought of traditional magazines without the actual Magazine? Say hello to online photography magazines! Online photography magazines can help whether you don’t have room for magazines, don’t like the environmental impact of printing or just like being able to read on your device anywhere in the World. You don’t have to miss outContinue reading “Best Online Photography Magazines”

Top Photography Courses for Beginners

Looking for the best online Photography Courses for Beginners? You’ve come to the right place to find perfect online photography classes! There’s one quote that makes all Photographers’ skin crawl. “WOW nice photos, you must have a good camera!” *Shudders uncontrollably* Sure, a good camera helps, but it does not define the Photographer. Therefore, beforeContinue reading “Top Photography Courses for Beginners”

Selling Your Photography: The Best Sites

So why are we here? To get you started selling your photography and help with the question “how photographers make money?” When starting my photography business journey, one thing was clear, there is a mess of information out there about selling your photography and how photographers make money. After spending hours and days sifting throughContinue reading “Selling Your Photography: The Best Sites”