New Brighton Pier Photography Guide

The New Brighton Pier is a well-known structure in Christchurch. Since it was built and opened to the public over 25 years ago, it has been a popular subject for photographers.  During my time living in Christchurch, New Brighton was one of my favourite spots to visit to surf and take photography from the beach.Continue reading “New Brighton Pier Photography Guide”

Lake Tekapo Lupins Photography Guide

Every year, thousands of lupins encircle the shores of Lake Tekapo for the ultimate display of stunning flowers against a backdrop of breath taking mountains. These colourful lupin flowers create a summer snapshot that every Lake Tekapo local and tourist craves on their social media pages. This guide aims to tell you everything you needContinue reading “Lake Tekapo Lupins Photography Guide”

Best Surf Photography Locations in New Zealand

If you’re a keen photographer looking into learning surf photography or wanting to expand your surf portfolio, New Zealand might not be your first choice of destination, but this little and mighty country delivers a punch when it comes to empty waves to capture! New Zealand has some of the worlds best surf photography locations,Continue reading “Best Surf Photography Locations in New Zealand”

Best New Zealand Long Exposure Photography Locations

Long exposure photography has a unique quality that enhances the attraction of already stunning settings. The landscapes of New Zealand draw photographers from all over the world, and many utilise long exposure to get professional photography shots of the country’s most magnificent locations. This blog will aim to show you the best long exposure locationsContinue reading “Best New Zealand Long Exposure Photography Locations”

Best Waterfall Photography Spots in New Zealand

Some of the world’s best waterfall photography spots are in New Zealand. According to Land Information New Zealand, the nation boasts 249 waterfalls! This article will attempt to narrow down the selection of waterfall photography spots in New Zealand to only the best and most photogenic waterfalls in both the North and South Island. BestContinue reading “Best Waterfall Photography Spots in New Zealand”