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Starting your own photography business can be a bit overwhelming, from deciding to sell your photos online, creating your own website or even writing content.

Everything takes time.

Researching the best products or services to use is also time-consuming. That’s why I’ve put together my top picks to help you launch your business faster and still get the best website and e-commerce results for your photography.

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squarespace photography website builder logo

For anyone ready to take the leap to build their own website Squarespace is making it easy with their stress-free website builder. Choose from a wide range of ready-made templates, some specifically designed with photographers in mind.

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zenfolio photography ecommerce store

With the added possibility to sell your images as framed prints & canvas to a worldwide audience, what’s not to love? For print orders, they handle everything from the order, production right through to delivery. For downloads, they manage the licences. Leaving you to focus on what you do best, being behind the camera!

Whether you’re an award-winning professional, a talented amateur, or a complete beginner anyone can license their images on Zenfolio and they welcome photographers from anywhere in the world.

smugmug shop for selling your photos

An online community of creatives selling their artwork together. SmugMug welcomes both seasoned and beginners to showcase and sell their artwork on their website. When you sell a product SmugMug will produce, package and ship it for you. You focus on producing the content, and they can manufacture and distribute it.

namecheap domain name logo

After researching the best options, I settled for Namecheap mainly for the affordability and user friendly interface. Namecheap also offers web hosting services, SSL certificates, and security and privacy protection to avoid your domain account being easily accessed and hijacked by hackers.

fiverr photographer freelancer online logo

This website offers freelancers a platform to be able to be contacted for one-off jobs. It is a helpful website to keep in mind if you are starting a new business. You can engage a freelancer to help with logo design, creating your website or even outsourcing some of your admin tasks.

By engaging someone else to do smaller jobs that are keeping you from focusing on the bigger tasks, you can ensure that you don’t suffer burnout before you’ve even started.

microsoft software solutions workflow logo

If you are serious about starting your own photography business, then ensure you set yourself up for success and get yourself organised. Microsoft’s small business solutions help you build seamless workflows and maximize your efficiency.

I use the Microsoft Office suite as part of my daily workflow, and I’d be lost without it. From building proposals, organising marketing, finances or a simple to-do list, through to meeting clients remotely via Microsoft Teams. Office 365 allows you to connect and collaborate, as well as keep you organised and simplify your workload.

DISCLOSURE: I may earn a small commission from some of the links above. For the benefit of the doubt, please assume all links might be affiliate links.

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