Newborn Photography: Get Perfect Family Photos

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Searching for the best lifestyle newborn photography tips? Look no further!

Whether you are an experienced newborn photographer or just wish to take your own shots, this post will present you with the best family photo ideas and advice for obtaining those beautiful baby photos. You won’t want to delay your newborn photography photoshoot any longer after reading all of these adorable family photo ideas!

Deciding what genre of photography to focus on when you are starting out as a photographer is a difficult process, there are many avenues you could take.

If you are reading this there is a high chance you are an amateur or professional photographer looking to branch out into lifestyle newborn photography. 

The new arrival of a newborn is one of the most exciting milestones for a family. It’s a time in their life they will want to remember forever.

Those magical newborn moments will quickly pass, therefore it’s crucial to capture them perfectly so they can look back with happy memories in the future.

That is why this post aims to help you savour that precious baby stage with all the best lifestyle newborn photography tips.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get some newborn photos, consider doing your own DIY newborn photography shoot.

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There are so many newborn family photo ideas in this article for you to use, as well as photography tips for beginners. As a result, you’ll soon be able to have some picture perfect newborn photos to share with family and friends. 

At a glance, these are the topics covered in this article. Click a link to skip ahead to the section you need!

  1. Newborn photography tips 
  2. Props to consider for your newborn family photos
  3. Ideas for photos of the newborn only
  4. Newborn family photo ideas
  5. Indoor newborn family photos
  6. Outdoor newborn photography 
  7. Newborn photography with parents
  8. Newborn and sibling photos
  9. Newborn milestones photo ideas

Ready for all the newborn photography tips and ideas? Let’s get to it.

Newborn photography tips 

If you want to capture those magical newborn vibes, schedule your newborn photoshoot about 2 weeks after the baby is born.

The majority of families choose to capture these snaps at home. These simple steps will help you set up an at-home photo shoot whether you’ve hired a professional photographer or want to DIY your own newborn photos.

Learn how to use your camera – If you’re planning a DIY newborn photoshoot, hopefully you are already familiar with your photography settings. If not, consider using portrait mode on one of the best phone cameras to blur the backgrounds in your images. This will create more depth in your images and add focus onto your baby.

If you are using a mirrorless or DSLR camera, opening your aperture will achieve the same bokeh effect. Still unsure what this means?

Take an online photography course to learn the fundamentals of photography.

Plan your shoot at nap time – the best lifestyle newborn photography images are usually captured around nap time. A well-fed, sleepy baby is usually a happy baby. Keep the room warm and play soothing songs or lullabies to keep them sleeping during the photography session.

baby wearing brown knit cap while sleeping Newborn Photography

Lighting is key – the correct lighting can really make a difference in photography. Therefore, choose where you take your newborn photos with this in mind. A  space with a lot of large windows and plenty of natural light is ideal.

Consider outfits – Think neutral when deciding what to outfit your baby in for a newborn photograph. Your newborn is the major attraction of the session. You’ll want to find something that complements the baby without drawing attention away from it too much. Remember to have backup clothing on hand in case the baby has an accident, or you wish to alter his or her attire.

Change your perspective – Take numerous photographs from various points of view. It’s a good idea to snap some eye-level photographs of your newborn. In group shots a high angle works well on everyone!

Props to consider for your newborn family photos

There are endless newborn photography ideas that can go with just one prop!

Adding props is an enjoyable way to add personality and colour to your newborn family photos.

Below are a few affordable prop ideas that would be excellent additions to your lifestyle newborn photography session.

It’s usually a good idea to have a few ideas and suggestions for the types of images you are ideally wanting to capture.

There are several ways to position your newborn baby in photographs.

Knowing a few poses that appeal to you ahead of time can greatly assist you or your photographer in getting the perfect shot.

Here are some popular newborn poses for your photography session.

Ideas for photos of the newborn only

The newborn is the star of the show. They are the sole reason you are undertaking this photoshoot.

As a result, you should ensure that you catch them exactly as you intended. Here are some common suggestions for positioning your newborn in solo photographs.

The awake and alert baby – Although sleeping newborn photos are adorable, don’t forget to take a couple of cute, wide-eyed baby shots too. Simply put them on their backs and wait for the charming faces to appear. You’ll have some adorable newborn baby photographs in no time.

baby lying near dog plush toy

Tiny hands and chubby cheeks – The hands next to cheeks position highlights how little their hands are at this newborn stage! You’ll want to include this in your newborn photos, so you can remember their adorable tiny hands and chubby cheeks.

As a baby cannot keep their head up on their own, sometimes professional photographers capture these types of shots by combining a couple of photos and using some post-processing magic. There are, however, several versions of “hands on cheeks” that do not require the use of a professional photographer or a composite image.

Lying on Back Pose – There are no accessories required; simply place the baby on their back and allow them to be a content, happy newborn. If you’re patient, you’ll be able to capture all of their small expressions as they gaze around the room.

baby lying on white fur with brown blanket

Newborn family photo ideas

While the newborn is the focus of the photography session, keep in mind that you’ve just welcomed a new addition to your family.

Whether this is your first newborn or an additional sibling, you’ll want to take family photos that involve everyone. Here is some inspiration for newborn family photo ideas:

Classic Smiling at Camera  – Capture the joy that the new addition has added to the family by getting everyone to grin directly at the camera. A must have picture to hang on the wall!

Lying Down with the newborn  – Gather the entire family on the bed for some cuddly and precious baby photos. By lying down with your new bundle of joy, you can create a welcoming and beautiful photo!

photo of people looking on child on bed

Family hug  – Nothing compares to a big family cuddle! Snuggle up on the couch as a family. Place the new arrival in the centre of the group.

Indoor newborn family photos

Photographing newborns at home, in their natural surroundings is a perfect way to obtain authentic and classic newborn photos.

Whether you are inviting a local photographer into your own home, or planning a DIY newborn photoshoot, it’s good to have some ideas on the type of photos you want to capture.

This is usually an affordable type of lifestyle newborn photography, as you only use items you already have around your home to add to the aesthetic in your images. Check out these indoor newborn photo ideas:

In the nursery – You probably spent a few months getting the nursery exactly right before the baby arrived. So, why not take photographs in the nursery to capture the charm of your newborn’s room? You’ll not only see the beauty of a baby, but also the character of the family home.

In the cot  – Taking images of your newborn in their cot is a great way to convey a narrative through newborn photography.

caring father stroking baby in bed newborn family photos

On the parent’s bed – photographing your family with your newborn on the master bed is an excellent way to highlight how little your baby is, you’ll want to remember this, they grow so fast!

On the couch – in the lounge on the sofa is another intimate setting for a lovely family portrait with a newborn. It’s a wonderful place to get close and cuddle together as a new family

In the rocking chair – Remember to photograph one of the parents rocking their sleeping newborn in the rocking chair. Moments like this are the best type of newborn lifestyle photography.

Outdoor newborn photography 

Take your family photo shoot outside if the weather permits. Shooting your family photos outside in natural light could be a wonderful way to add warmth and colour to your shots.

lifestyle newborn photography outdoors

Consider the seasonal flora that will be in flower and seek to include it into your photographs, here is a helpful guide on seasonal outdoor environments for your newborn family photos session:

  • Snowdrops (January – March)
  • Daffodils (February – April)
  • Cherry Blossom (Late March – April)
  • Bluebells (April – May)
  • Lavender (June – August)
  • Poppies (June – August)
  • Sunflowers (August)
  • Autumn leaves (September to November)
  • Pumpkins patch (October)
  • Christmas trees (December)

Newborn photography with parents

Capturing the love of new parents is a unique opportunity; even though they are likely sleep deprived, they are brimming with pride.

Here are various newborn photo poses that incorporate the parents.

Baby Between Parents  –  For a nice family portrait, place the baby between mummy and daddy.

Daddy with Baby – It’s also essential to capture a solo shot of each parent, such as a proud father holding and staring at his newborn.

Baby with Mummy – Is there anything more wonderful than a newborn’s bond with its mother?

Parents Blurred in Background – Place your parents in the backdrop of your images. For a creative photograph, focus on the newborn baby and blur the parents in the background. This is called a bokeh effect and creates depth in your images.

Parents Looking Down at Baby – Make sure to include a photograph of both the parents staring at the newborn in your collection of photos.

Holding Baby Against Chest – Hold your newborn baby up against your chest for a wonderful snapshot.

close up photo of a person carrying a baby

Newborn on Lap – If your newborn is unsettled, place them on your lap as it can help to calm them down. Your photographer will then be able to shoot a photo from above once they have settled.

Baby over Shoulder – Placing your infant over your shoulder is another classic pose in lifestyle newborn photography.

Parents kissing with a baby in between  – Ask one of the parents to hold the baby whilst the parents kiss each other. Another possibility is for the parent who is not holding the baby to kiss the newborn’s head.

Newborn baby in parent’s hands – Close-up photos of a baby in one of the parent’s hands is a wonderful way to demonstrate how little they are initially!

Newborn and sibling photos

Capturing the love between siblings when a new arrival joins the family is so special, they are usually so excited to show you their new baby brother or sister and it can make a photoshoot really fun.

A top tip is when you have more than one sibling to photograph with the newborn, use the eldest sibling to your advantage.

Younger children are usually keen to copy their big brother or sister, so perhaps try posing the older one first.

Here are some ideas for newborn and sibling photos:

Holding baby – Most siblings will be delighted to be granted the honour of holding the baby, allowing you to position them in an armchair or on the bed before delicately placing the newborn on their lap for your photos.

newborn sibling photos

Kissing baby – Ask the sibling to kiss or smell their baby sister or brother’s head. Remember to be ready to take the photo in a split second, they might not do it again!

Newborn milestones photo ideas

Capturing newborn milestones is essential given they develop so rapidly! You’ll want to be able to look back at photos to witness the changes repeatedly!

Parents usually prefer to take similar newborn photos on a monthly basis, so here’s some inspiration for documenting your baby’s monthly developments.

Teddy Bear size reference  – Using the same teddy bear in each monthly photo is a fantastic way to demonstrate how much your baby develops in the first year!

Monthly baby photos in a basket – If you enjoy the concept of using the same prop as a reference to compare your baby’s growth in your monthly shots, a basket, chair, or crate can really assist you demonstrating your baby’s progress during the first year and beyond!

Unique number monthly photos –  Perhaps you are a craft lover! This suggestion is for anyone who is a little more creative. Make customised numbers to represent each month you snap a photo.

Some individuals use various seasonal products depending on what season it is that month, to make them extra special. For example, if it is closer to Easter the number would be painted or decorated with easter eggs, bunnies, and baby chicks!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some of the best family photo ideas and guidance for taking those precious baby photos. 

Enjoy seeing your newborn develop as a new parent and remember to snap those milestone photographs so you can look back in the future and see how much they have grown.

If you need a more affordable choice than hiring a professional photographer, consider that you can still capture amazing lifestyle newborn photography on one of the top point and shoot cameras.

Don’t put off your newborn photography session any longer!

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