House Sitting Benefits: Travel for Free

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One of the questions people always ask me is how do I finance all my Travels?

As a Photographer, especially interested in Landscapes and animals, travel is inevitable!

House sitting is one of the ways that helps me to keep my costs lower.

I first began house sitting in 2016 as a way to travel slower and save money.

Whether it is for months or a weekend, you can choose which house sits to apply to suit your needs! You get a true chance to slow down and experience a location just as the locals do.

House sitting has taken me to:

  • Mansions with swimming pools and tennis courts
  • Farms set on acres of land
  • Beachfront homes in front of the surf!

Furthermore, looking after awesome pets is a bonus of house sitting too!

From big dogs to little dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, the list of animals I have had the pleasure of looking after goes on…

In return for free accommodation, as a house sitter you need to care and look after the home owners pets, home & garden while they are away.

Your job is to make sure that the pets are happy, and the home is secure, giving the owner peace of mind that their home is safe in your hands.

For a just low monthly fee for a 12 month membership through your chosen House sitting website, which depending on location, will usually be less than half the price of a single night’s accommodation.

Therefore, if you complete just one house sit, you’ll already have made it worth the money!

If you’re a homeowner looking for a house sitter to look after your space and pets while you are on holiday, it is free for you to make a listing on Kiwi House Sitters – so get listing today!

You can also message house sitters you like the look of directly, to ask if they are available on the dates you are away.

Here are some reviews to help you along the way!


House sitting is becoming popular worldwide especially among those who want to spend their holidays without worrying about the security and upkeep of their properties.

If you love travel, animals and adventure, house sitting could be a great choice for you.

Whether you’re:

  1. A homeowner wanting peace of mind that your property, garden and pets are being taken care of whilst you enjoy your holiday
  2. A house sitter looking to see a location without the accommodation costs

House sitting has something for everyone!

Check out the below sites for house sitting jobs or to find house sitters in your area.

DISCLOSURE: I may earn a small commission from some of the links above. For the benefit of the doubt, please assume all links might be affiliate links.

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