Film is not dead.

What did photographers do before digital photography became a common theme?

The only option for photographers capturing images was traditional film cameras and analog photography. I first picked up a 35mm film camera over 15 years ago.

Building a film photography portfolio was when my passion for photography was born.

With usually only 24-36 photos to play with on each film, and no delete button, I quickly grasped a good eye for detail to freeze the perfect memory in one film photo.

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Why I love film photography:

  • There is something unique about each image taken on a film camera. A moment in time that can only be re-visited once the film finally gets developed.
  • With film photography, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation of wanting to see how that moment was captured, did it turn out how you imagined? This is something that is lost in the world of digital photography where each image is available at our fingertips instantly.
  • Technical defects on a film photo may provide unexpected and appealing effects that you could only hope to achieve with Instagram filters. It only adds to the diversity of a film photography portfolio.
  • Analog photography allows the artist to take their time and shoot with intention.
  • You can experiment with many different film cameras and types of film. When you shoot film, the best part is, you can pick up treasures when browsing your local thrift store!
  • There is a liberating feeling to putting down your smartphone or digital camera and shoot film using an analog camera! Even if you find yourself saying “how did people live without smartphones?!”
  • Films and non-digital cameras are classics in my opinion. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of retro in their lives! And if you aren’t convinced, try one of these best retro style digital cameras instead!

Below is my film photography portfolio. A collection of my personal favourite 35mm film photographs from around the world.

If you are interested in any of these images, please contact me for image licencing.