Best Sony Mirrorless Cameras

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Mirrorless Cameras are famous for being lighter, faster, more compact, and better for video than others without a mirror mechanism.

Additionally, these best Sony mirrorless cameras present less shaky photos and improve image stabilization, and due to the few moving parts within the device, you have a quieter and more discreet camera.

If you’re looking for not just a mere mirrorless and/or full frame camera but one made by Sony, this list will be your guide as it reviews the best options available today.

Best Sony mirrorless cameras at a glance:

  1. Sony A7 IV
  2. Sony A7R IV
  3. Sony A7S III
  4. Sony A1
  5. Sony A7C

So, whether you’re a professional or beginner photographer, you will find this buying guide helpful.

Let’s begin!

full frame by Sony

1. Sony A7 IV

The Sony A7 IV is a successor to the prevalent A7 III, giving this all-rounder some high expectations to meet.

Fortunately, the A7 IV presents impressive features that are worth considering.

The camera introduces a sharper 33MP sensor, powerful Bionz XR processor, and upgraded video skills with support for 10-bit footage.

There’s also an improved viewfinder, a massive 828-shot buffer for CFexpress cards, and a vari-angle touchscreen.

However, these impressive features have a few drawbacks: the heavy drop on 4K footage compared to its predecessors.

It’s also slightly more expensive to acquire, meaning it doesn’t have the same entry-level appeal as the A7 III; nevertheless, the class-leading autofocus compensates for these factors.

While the Sony A7 IV isn’t beginner-friendly, it remains a worthy successor to the III as a versatile full frame mirrorless camera more intermediate and professional photographers will ever need.


  • Sharper 33MP sensor
  • Class-leading autofocus


  • Not beginner-friendly

sony mirrorless full frame cameras

2. Sony A7R IV

The A7R IV is proof of Sony’s willingness to go all-out when it comes to new technology.

This mirrorless camera has a massive 63MP sensor, with images outputting at 61MP, meaning you can expect nothing but impeccable quality from the A7R IV.

Sony claims that this mirrorless camera can also deliver up to 15 EV stops of dynamic range from the sensor, thereby giving photographers more features to harness.

In addition to the previously mentioned elements, this mirrorless camera also has image stabilization incorporated into the body.

This feature gives you 5.5EV stops of compensation and Pixel Shift Multi Shooting, resulting in images with higher resolution.

It’s worth noting that the Sony A7R IV is also capable of 4K video recording and possesses an impressive electronic viewfinder with a tilting touch-sensitive screen.

While it may be slightly expensive to buy, owning this camera guarantees you a pleasurable experience.

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at these reviews too!


  • Quick autofocus mechanism
  • Sensors provide impressive results
  • Impressive electronic viewfinder


  • Limited touchscreen capabilities

A7S cameras by Sony
3. Sony A7S III

As mentioned earlier, the A7S III is the predecessor of the Sony A7 IV and is a standard choice amongst YouTubers and videographers.

Therefore, one can summarise this mirrorless camera as the best video camera outside its range due to its noteworthy features.

The Sony A7S III has one of the best 4K capabilities so far, which it achieves by keeping the resolution low and avoiding an unnecessary jump to 8K.

Alongside this factor, you also get to shoot high-quality slow-motion videos at 4K/120fps.

There’s also the option to shoot 16-bit raw via its full-size HDMI port, making it a powerhouse of features.

Another factor that makes the Sony A7S III an exciting camera to use is a high-resolution OLED viewfinder with 9.44 million dots alongside a fully-articulating screen with a touch menu system.

Due to being one of Sony’s pro cameras, the A7S III audio options are impressive, with microphone and headphone ports for versatility.

It’s also compatible with Sony’s XLR-K3M hot-shoe accessory, providing you with up to four audio inputs.

While its high price may discourage casual photographers, buying the A7S III is a worthwhile investment.


  • Fully articulated touchscreen
  • Functions well in low light
  • Impressive audio options
  • Excellent video capabilities


  • Tad pricey

alpha range for photography
4. Sony A1

Often considered the most outstanding mirrorless camera of recent times, the Sony A1 is the company’s flagship mirrorless camera that consists of speed, video skills, and an impressive resolution.

The only downside to this photography powerhouse is its heavy price tag that only the most wealthy and professional photographers can afford.

Nevertheless, the A1 is arguably Sony’s most versatile camera in the mirrorless category.

The Sony A1 mirrorless camera comes with a lightning-fast autofocus system, extremely detailed 50.1MP full frame sensors for shooting portraits, speedy burst shooting and high-end connectivity.

Its impressive quality is demonstrated in its ability to not only capture content at 30 fps due to the dual Bionz XR processors, but it’s also capable of recording video at up to 8K/30 fps and 4K/120fps in 10-bit 4:2:2.

As previously mentioned, money is the only drawback this device has, so if you have the financial capacity to afford this device, consider purchasing it.


  • Can shoot 4K and 8k video at 60-120fps
  • Quick autofocus and burst shooting capabilities
  • Possesses dual Bionz XR processors
  • Also makes the list of best mirrorless cameras!


  • Requires a large budget to acquire

alpha 7c mirrorless digital camera
5. Sony A7C

Often regarded as a “mini A7S III”, the Sony Alpha 7C is a beginner-friendly mirrorless digital camera that brings variety for people who wish to get into video shooting and editing.

In addition, there are S-Log and HLG profiles for colour grading your videos, as well as the smooth autofocus transition speed control of the A7S III.

You also get to choose between seven different auto-focus speeds and five separate autofocus sensitivity settings, ensuring your videos look excellent before and after being captured.

One noteworthy downside of the Sony A7C is its lack of 4k/60fps video recording and only comes with an 8-bit colour depth.

Nevertheless, the Alpha 7C mirrorless digital camera comes with a small lens consistent with its size.

As for the overall weight, the FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 weighs only 167g, bringing the camera and lens to 676g.

Ultimately, the Alpha 7C is an impressive mirrorless digital camera with almost the same video and build quality as the A7 III but in a more compact build.


  • Lightweight
  • Variety in sensitivity and autofocus options


  • Lacks 4k/60fps video recording


Choosing a mirrorless camera depends on multiple factors, including your budget, experience, and specifications.

I recommend assessing your needs and abilities before picking an item on this list.

However, irrespective of the option you choose, the experience will be worthwhile!

Don’t forget you’ll need one of the best Sony mirrorless lenses too!

And when paired with one of the best Sony flashes you can’t go wrong!

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