Best Places to Visit in Pembrokeshire for Photography

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Are you looking for the best places to visit in Pembrokeshire, South Wales? Or perhaps searching for some new South Wales photography locations?

Having been raised in South Wales, I’ve explored this area extensively. This guide attempts to show you the most picturesque places in South Pembrokeshire. So, whether you’re planning your next holiday or a local looking for new places to visit or activities to do in South Pembrokeshire you’ll soon know what to add to your must-see list.

These South Wales photography locations are very photogenic. So, don’t forget to take your camera and take lots of photos to remember your visit to Pembrokeshire. If you want to improve your photography skills before you go, take a look at these online photography courses.

Whether you are an experienced landscape photographer, a smartphone snap enthusiast, or simply want to appreciate the scenery, the prettiest places in Pembrokeshire will definitely satisfy your photography needs.

South Pembrokeshire has a variety of places to visit and activities for you to enjoy, including gorgeous tranquil bays, coastlines with epic surf, quaint villages, and charming cafés.

Here is what this guide will cover. Click to jump ahead.

Firstly, when is the best time to visit Pembrokeshire?

Similar to most other popular tourist destinations, Pembrokeshire sees a spike in visitors during the summer break from school.

Although any time of year can be a great time to travel to the Pembrokeshire region.

If you want the best chance of seeing Pembrokeshire with less visitors around consider visiting in May or September.

You should still have a good chance of nice weather. Although, sadly, good weather in Wales is never promised!

Marloes Sands beach Pembrokeshire South Wales photography locations
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard

Where should you stay in Pembrokeshire?

There is a lot to see in Pembrokeshire, which is why this guide focuses on the highlights of the South coast. For a more leisurely break, it is easier to stay in one spot. Then you can take day trips to the best things to do and places to visit in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Tenby is one of the most popular places to stay in Pembrokeshire.

Tenby has plenty of accommodation options to suit all budgets, and lots of essential amenities on your doorstep for you to have a pleasant stay.

It is a small, colourful seaside town which has even won an award for having the best beach in the UK!

Best places to stay in Tenby, Pembrokeshire include:

A family-run hotel with 11 rooms, which all have private bathrooms. The Cottage Court Hotel is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of town, yet it is still within walking distance of the beaches and town centre. 

Ideal for couples or small groups wishing to discover west Wales. It is a nice and peaceful bed & breakfast that has paid close attention to detail. Sunny Bank Guest House can accommodate a maximum of 10 people in its five en-suite bedrooms.

The Heywood Spa Hotel takes pleasure in offering a distinctive four-star experience unlike any other in Tenby. It provides clients with ultimate relaxation, luxurious clean spacious rooms, and extremely kind and inviting staff. There is also a first-class restaurant with exquisite cuisine and an indoor leisure suite with a spa.

Now that you know the best time to visit and the best places to stay, the next part of this post will guide you on the best things to do and places to visit in Pembrokeshire, South Wales! 

At a glance, here are the most photogenic places to visit in Pembrokeshire. Click a link to skip ahead

  1. Tenby
  2. Broad Haven South
  3. Skomer Island
  4. Newgale
  5. St Govan’s Chapel
  6. Elegug Stacks
  7. Green Bridge of Wales
  8. Barafundle Bay
  9. Dale
  10. Church Doors & Shrinkle Haven

If you’re looking for a coastal holiday that rivals the Best Places to Visit in Cornwall for Photography you’ve come to the right place.

Ready to see the best places to visit in Pembrokeshire, South Wales? Let’s get to it.

Places to stay in Tenby Pembrokeshire
Sean Michael Pritchard

If you don’t choose to stay in Tenby, the town is one of the best photogenic locations in Pembrokeshire and is definitely worth visiting. 

Tenby’s picturesque harbour and Victorian mansions are excellent photography subjects. Explore the backstreets for different viewpoints and perspectives. There are several options to implement framing techniques here.

There is plenty to do here too! You can go fishing, take a boat excursion to the adjacent Caldey Island, unwind on the beautiful beaches, or just sit on your balcony and observe people as they wander by.

Church Rock South Wales photography location
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Broad Haven South

Broad Haven South is a beach in Pembrokeshire close to the village of Bosherston on the outskirts of the Stackpole Estate. 

Church Rock, which sprouts from the ocean about 150 yards from the coast, is the main photography drawcard here. 

In terms of water quality, Broad Haven South is one of Pembrokeshire’s best beaches. The beach is located inside the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and is managed by the National Trust, which charges a parking fee. 

Behind the beach lies a large National Trust woodland and the Bosherston lily ponds, which are also well worth a visit.

Skomer Island Puffin Photography
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Skomer Island

Skomer is a fantastic place, it has to be on your must-see list during your visit to the Pembrokeshire coast. It is arguably one of South Wales’s best photography locations.

Located less than a mile off the main Island a short ferry ride will take you to this wildlife haven. 

Spring is a particularly colourful event here, with bluebells and pink campion covering the majority of the island. 

Skomer is widely renowned for its visiting puffins, which come to shore between April and July. Check out this puffin photography guide for more information! 

places to visit Newgale Beach Pembrokeshire photo
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard

Almost two miles of sand backed by a massive pebble bank developed following a massive storm in 1859. If you enjoy water sports, this is one of the best beaches in Pembrokeshire to visit.

This beach is popular for kitesurfing and surfing. Beginners can take lessons from a local surf school.

Walk all the way down to the southern end to discover a walk-through cave and lots of protected bays.

places to visit St Govan's Chapel South Wales photography
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
St Govan’s Chapel

St Govan’s Chapel, tucked within the cliffs of the Castlemartin Range, is a fascinating place to see. It is one of South Wales’s most unique photography locations.

It’s a tiny mediaeval church built into the limestone cliffs. It’s difficult to envision a more magnificently positioned church in the entire country.

St. Govan was a sixth-century hermit who built a cell for himself in this remote location.

The holy spring and cell became a pilgrimage site for people seeking healing throughout the mediaeval period, and the original cell was rebuilt as the little chapel you see today in the 13th century.

There is a saying that says that if you count the steps down to the chapel and then up again, the number will never be the same!

Before you visit, consider the time of day, as the light and shadows will drastically affect your photographs due to how the chapel is positioned in the cliffs.

Pembrokeshire Elegug Stacks landscape photography
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Elegug Stacks

The Elegug Stacks, often known as Stack Rocks, are located immediately east of the Green Bridge of Wales which is the next recommended place on this list. 

These two impressive limestone sea stacks rise up close to the cliffs in the middle of a rocky bay. A must visit in South Wales if you are searching for landscape photography locations.

Elegug is Welsh for guillemot, and if you visit at the correct time of year, you’ll see thousands of these sea birds nesting on each of the stacks.

Note you will need to drive through the Castlemartin Range to access the Elegug Stacks. Check the MOD firing schedule before your visit to avoid disappointment.

Green Bridge of Wales photo location
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Green Bridge of Wales

The Green Bridge of Wales, known in Welsh as Pont Werdd Cymru, was formed from the erosion of Carboniferous Limestone. This magnificent natural arch is commonly featured in tourist brochures as well as geography curriculum content.

The Natural Arch and Bridge Society describes it as one of the most stunning arches in the United Kingdom. Again, another place to add to your list of must visit South Wales photography locations.

With a height of roughly 80 feet, it is just as impressive as a Durdle Door in Dorset but has far fewer tourists. 

Note you will need to drive through the Castlemartin Range to access the Green Bridge of Wales. Check the MOD firing schedule (link above) before your visit to avoid disappointment.

photo of visit to barafundle bay in pembrokeshire
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Barafundle Bay

A little secluded bay surrounded by dunes and pine trees, about a half mile walk from the nearest car park.

With expanses of golden sand and crystal blue seas, Barafundle has been awarded one of the best beaches in Britain and the world several times. 

As this magnificent beach is so remote, there are no facilities here, so remember whatever you take should be carried back with you.

places to visit Dale Pembrokeshire South Wales
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard

Next on the list of places to visit in Pembrokeshire, South Wales is Dale.

This is a charming village with a mile-long, pebbly beach. Getting in the ocean here seems particularly appealing due to the pristine water. 

It’s generally warmer too because of its protected location. In fact, Dale has been crowned Wales’s sunniest village!

You can take wildlife boat tours out to the coast. Or you can enjoy a variety of water sports in the bay, including sailing, with classes and equipment available to hire in the village.

Church Doors Cove and Shrinkle Haven Beach places to visit South Wales
Ⓒ Sean Michael Pritchard
Church Doors & Shrinkle Haven

The final place in South Wales to add to your photography locations list is this dreamy double act of beaches on the south coast.

Church Doors cove is well known for its impressive doorway which has been carved by the forces of the sea. 

The beach at Church Doors is mainly rocky during mid to high tide, consisting mostly of big boulders. However, when the water recedes, a little patch of sand appears.

Shrinkle Haven beach is the bay adjacent to Church Doors cove and has expansive golden sands.  This beach is backed by steep-sided cliffs, it almost has a Jurassic Park-like vibe. 

Unfortunately, the steps leading to Shrinkle Haven have collapsed and are now blocked off. So, it can now only be reached at low tide via a little tunnel in the headland between the bays. 

However, accessing this route is not advised because the descent down to the beach at Shrinkle Haven is quite steep.

The route through the headland to Shrinkle Haven is also cut off rather rapidly, so be mindful of the incoming tide if you do decide to go on this adventure.

Final thoughts

There is so much to see and do, it was hard to narrow down the best places to visit in Pembrokeshire.

While this post mainly focuses on the prettiest places to explore near the South Pembrokeshire Coast, you can’t forget you have the whole of North Pembrokeshire on your doorstep too. 

Want to buy a print to remember your time on the Pembrokeshire coast?

Check out my online store to find a piece of photography wall art from Pembrokeshire to remind you of your holiday!

If you’re still looking for more UK travel inspiration head over to see the Best Places to Visit in North Devon for Photography.

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