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Being a sport photographer is one of the hardest jobs in the photography industry! Having one of the best mirrorless sports photography cameras can help make your job easier!

With the need to constantly shoot high volumes of photos, track fast moving subjects and still produce razor sharp, high quality images, it can be a real struggle finding the best equipment for the job.

Obviously, given the huge range of brands out there, there are plenty of suitable cameras but only a few are good enough to really make the sports photography cut if you’re considering purchasing something new.

Considerations such as good autofocus, image stabilisation and video capabilities are a must for this niche, but even within this bracket there are multiple products with a range of prices.

Best mirrorless sports photography cameras at a glance:

What is certain is that whether you’re a photographer looking to turn your passion for sports into a full time gig, or have been shooting action packed events for years, there’s a mirrorless camera out there that will be exactly what you’re searching for.

And if you’re looking for some sports photography inspiration check out my win in the Carve Magazine Surf Photography Competition.


The Sony A1 has become known as a camera that is great for pretty much any situation. It has a ridiculously huge 50MP sensor, 8K video and an updated autofocus system that can detect both humans and animals.

Give the hefty price tag, it is no surprise that Sony has put everything but the kitchen sink into this one – you won’t find a camera with better handling, image quality and customisation possibilities.

The viewfinder is also electronic and very high quality, and the touchscreen is instantly responsive meaning you won’t waste time fiddling.

There are a couple of tiny downsides, namely that the LCD screen is slightly lower resolution than it should be, and the previously mentioned animal detection autofocus needs to actually be set to human or animal by you.

Reportedly, the battery life is also very average on the Sony A1 which is not entirely unexpected due to the huge amount of processing required by the camera for both photo and video.

Lastly, the cost is an important factor – this is not something to be invested in on a whim and would suit a professional action and sport photographer looking to up their game or update their current kit with something that will last a long time to come.


  • Extremely high image quality, 50MP sensor
  • Both 8K and 4k video capabilities
  • Super-fast autofocus and silent shutter
  • Fairly light at 730g
  • Also makes the list of best Sony mirrorless cameras!


  • Very expensive
  • Average to poor battery life

Nikon action photographer

The Nikon Z7 II is the brand’s round two, if you like, of its original best-selling mirrorless camera.

Although in many regards the Z7 II is fairly similar to its predecessor, Nikon has made a few tweaks that might convince you it’s a worthy purchase if you’re in the market.

The Z7 II camera retains its impressive 45.7MP sensor, which produces impossibly crisp images, as well as 4K video and in-body image stabilisation.

A couple of the new features include a dual processor and dual SD card slots, upgrading it to an excellent choice camera for professionals. 

On this note, if you’re sick of constantly charging and replacing batteries, the Z7 II can be charged via its USB-C port which is a very handy bonus.

The only downsides to speak of here are that the autofocus could still be improved when compared to similar quality cameras, while the dual card slots are unfortunately different formats, requiring you to shell out on multiple purchases to use the feature.


  • Very high image quality, 45.7MP sensor
  • Effective IBIS (in-body image stabilisation)
  • USB-C charging
  • Dual card slots
  • Also makes the list of best Nikon mirrorless cameras!


  • Price tag
  • Card slots require purchasing multiple formats
  • Battery life could be improved

canon r5 sports photography

Arguably the best mirrorless sports photography camera Canon has ever released, the Canon R5 is already becoming a cult favourite with both amateur and seasoned sports photographers, despite its more professionally-suited price tag.

The Canon R5 has a 45MP dual frame sensor, can shoot high quality 8K sports video and has an unrivalled autofocus system. It comes with Canon’s standard IBIS as well as dual card slots and in-camera USB charging.

The R5 camera is designed to be a true one-stop shop for whatever you’re shooting, from sports to wildlife, street photography to portraits.

This would be expected for a Canon camera shooting such high quality video but is still something to consider when there are other brands out there without the issue.

Another small but nevertheless annoying feature is automatic noise reduction which is applied when shooting in RAW, as most photographers do, which can lead to unintentionally lower quality images.

Some sports require flash photography. If you’re looking to compliment your Canon camera with a flash here are the best flashes for Canon!


  • Unbeatable image quality and 45MP sensor
  • 8K and 4K video
  • IBIS
  • Dual card slots and USB charging option
  • Also makes the list of best Canon mirrorless cameras!


  • Expensive
  • Video causes overheating
  • Automatic noise reduction in RAW

Sony sports camera

The Sony a9 is a sports photographers camera through and through.

At 24MP, the Sont a9 II shoots silently yet high quality images, with just shy of 100% autofocus coverage an 20fps continuous shooting – an essential for a photographer capturing fast paced sports or action events.

Like the previously mentioned Nikon, this is a camera with a very similar predecessor although the newer version comes with a few key benefits.

Namely, a mechanical shutter allowing up to 10fps bursts, and did we mention you can add voice memos to these?

If you’re doing this regularly the double card slot means write times are much speedier. Many sports photographers will likely want to shoot video at some point, and the Sony a9 II has great quality 4K just for this purpose.

All good things must have some disadvantages however, and Sony’s a9 II is still lacking higher quality video features that are already seen in its rivals.

Although image output is high quality, the resolution should be far better for the price, which is on par with Canon’s R5.


  • Top of the market autofocus
  • 10fps burst mode and 20fps continuous shooting
  • Excellent battery life and general connectivity features
  • Great range of Sony mirrorles lenses to compliment the camera!


  • Low resolution compared to competitors
  • Very high price tag
  • Underwhelming video quality and features

Fuji sport photographer

Fuji’s latest mirrorless camera to be released, the X-T4 is an impeccable sports camera with a mid-range price tag but top-end features.

The Fuji X-T4 has a very reasonable 26MP sensor, IBIS, 20fps shooting and 4K video. Essentially, everything you could need in a top quality sport photography camera without the price tag of the previously mentioned Sony a9 II.

Although the 4K video has some excellent tricks, such as peaking and zebra patterns and a separate video menu, there is sadly no autofocus tracking in video mode, which is often a necessary prerequisite for a photographer shooting sports action, plus recording time has limitations.

For stills, autofocus is also slightly hit and miss and can be improved or worsened depending on the lens you pair it with, as well as poor-quality facial detection. Check this post out for more Fuji lens discussion!

On balance though, the price is affordable for those serious about sports photography looking for something that will definitely get the job done.



  • Limited video recording time
  • Autofocus is poor compared with similarly priced competitors


Though these are but a few of the excellent mirrorless sports photography cameras out there, they are generally seen to be the best!

Don’t miss the action, and get your hands on one of these cameras now!

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