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If your photography style requires more exposure to lighting for better quality, getting an external flash for your Sony camera is the best choice.

If you currently own a Sony camera, choosing the best flash for the device may be difficult as many good options are on the market.

For this reason, we’ve compiled our top five best external flashes for Sony in 2022, ensuring you find the ideal option for your camera.

Best Sony camera flash at a glance:

  1. Sony HVL-F20M
  2. Sony HVL-F28RM
  3. Sony HVL-F32M
  5. Godox V1-S Flash for Sony

When you’ve picked your flash head to Light and Shadow Photography: An Essential Guide for some inspiration on shooting in different lighting.

Let’s begin!


1. Sony HVL-F20M

First on the list is the Sony HVL-F20M, one of the company’s smallest and most affordable flash currently on the market.

Its small and portable body makes it ideal for situations where you need more light but not from a cumbersome device.

The HVL-F20M supports using the Sony Alpha TTL system, where light is metered through the prism alongside other optical factors that influence exposure.

This ensures that extension tubes, filters, and other accessories are automatically accounted for in flash metering.

It’s worth noting that the Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) flash metering system is responsible for controlling the flash exposure by measuring the distance between the subject and camera.

One feature of the Sony HVL-F20M is the bounce slider that angles the head upwards at 75°, giving you greater control over direct and spread.


  • Reasonable price
  • Small build for portability
  • Head angles at 75° upwards


  • Lower power than bigger units


2. Sony HVL-F28RM

The Sony HVL-F28RM is one of the best and lightest camera flash that packs in the latest functionality and features, despite its size and weight.

One incredible ability of this device is its compatibility with a camera’s face detection.

Essentially, you can take more detailed portraits with a better balance between its light output and the ambient lighting in the scene.

Also, irrespective of the environment you decide to take your shots, you can expect the device to function perfectly thanks to the weather-sealing.

This feature ensures that the flash stays in perfect condition in wet, dry, hot, and cold environments, allowing you to shoot indoors and outdoors.

As previously mentioned, the Sony HVL-F28RM is exceptionally portable, weighing only 219g but producing sufficient light to be used amongst both professional and casual photographers.

Here’s a handy guide to set up your Sony flash.


  • Excellent for portraits
  • Functions in all weathers
  • Portable


  • No swivel mechanism

sony external wireless flash

3. Sony HVL-F32M

Despite its competitive price, the HVL-F32M flash for Sony cameras packs a series of the best and most impressive features in its diminutive but powerful.

First of all, this camera flash is weather-sealed, meaning it produces consistent results in warm, cold, wet, or dry conditions.

Unlike the Sony HVL-F20M, the HVL-F32M comes with AA batteries for more power to make multiple consecutive flashes.

Alongside this fact, the flash has greater versatility thanks to the bounce and swivel head that offers – 8 to 90 degrees of bounce.

The motorized zoom is also a feature of the Sony HVL-F32M, with a range of 24-105mm in full-frame terms.

Other additional elements include the onboard controls and LCD status screen, enabling quick adjustments without manipulating the in-camera menu.

It’s noted that there’s a high-speed sync mode for shooting with the flash and your camera’s maximum shutter speed.

While there is reduced maximum power output with this Sony flash, you get Master and Slave wireless infrared connectivity.


  • Small build for portability
  • Produces consistent output irrespective of weather


  • No secondary LED lights

godox camera accessories

Initially, a no-name Chinese brand, Godox products are now sweeping the tech market and competing with long-established premium brands thanks to their quality.

Fortunately, the GODOX TT350S 2.4G HSS flash for Sony testifies to this company’s emphasis on function.

The TT350S is small and weighs very little, making it the perfect on-camera flash for photographers that need no additional weight that affects the device’s handling.

As expected, the flash is compatible with Sony cameras and other options like Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, etc.

It’s worth noting that the light emitted by this flash is hard and unflattering when aimed directly at the subject.

There’s also a bounce option on the camera to create a more significant light source in confined spaces.

The EACHSHOT TT350S also has Master and Slave radio features to facilitate seamless connections between other devices.

If you need more lighting you can always try one of these epic lighting kits!


  • Small build for portability
  • Master and Slave radio features
  • Compatible with other camera models


  • Not ideal for moderately lit environments

godox flash for sony
5. Godox V1-S Flash for Sony

The Godox V1-S flash is compatible with all mainstream camera systems, including Sony products, and delivers excellent lighting quality.

The device comes with a round head that delivers light like a studio strobe, alongside a long-lasting battery that allows for multiple flashes.

One feature that makes it a solid flash for your Sony is its optional wireless remote for external uses.

Ultimately, its value is, unfortunately, something worth considering, especially for a device in this price range.

As for build quality, the Godox V1-S flash for Sony is made of medium-quality plastic that’s sturdy enough to handle minor impacts but not indescribable when exposed to the elements or trauma.

Its 76Ws output will overpower the sun; however, it is sufficient to light up a moderately lit subject.


  • Wireless capabilities for external flash uses for your Sony
  • Portable
  • 76Ws output
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Wireless transmitters are sold separately for this Sony flash.


Lighting plays an essential role in producing impeccable photographs!

Without the correct lighting, even the best cameras and best Sony lenses could produce mediocre results.

Fortunately, this list of reliable Sony camera flashes is sufficient to meet your needs as they are bright and lightweight enough not to affect handling.

Don’t forget to pair the flash with a top tripod to get the best from your shoot!

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