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So why are we here? To get you started selling your photography and help with the question “how photographers make money?”

When starting my photography business journey, one thing was clear, there is a mess of information out there about selling your photography and how photographers make money.

After spending hours and days sifting through the internet, I decided that I needed to share the avenues I researched with you.

Hopefully when you find this blog it will save you some time.

Best sites for selling your photos at a glance:

The key ingredient to selling your photography is taking the photos themselves.

To me, that is the most fun part. I don’t want to sit around for hours wondering which platform I should be using.

You’ve got your photos, you’ve edited them nicely, now what?

Here are my top picks to help you make your decision on the best place to sell your photography!

selling your photography

Prints? CHECK. Downloads? CHECK. Packages? CHECK. Gifts? CHECK.

Offering a huge range of photography products, Zenfolio has long been a leader in the photography ecommerce field.

Zenfolio are also always improving and simplifying the important aspects of running your photography business and selling your images, allowing you to focus on the fun part – taking the photos!

If “how photographers make money” is the question you have, using a site like Zenfolio is a good place to start!

sell your images

sell your photography

Smugmug works on a subscription-based service, priding itself in being able to get you started with a photography store in as little as 15 minutes!

Granted, I’d recommend spending more time than 15 minutes on this, but you get the picture – it’s quick and easy.

You take the photos, upload them, and Smugmug will handle the rest – from payments and orders to fulfillment and shipping.

picfair ecommerce photography logo

Picfair has stormed onto the photography e-commerce scene in the last couple of years, to help you sell your photography.

Their main selling point is that you decide how much to sell your images for. Although so do the other sites listed in this article.

The thing that appeals to me most about Picfair is that they have a free plan! That’s right, you can have your own photography store for FREE!

If you are looking to test the water, and see if photography e-commerce is for you, then this is the best place to start. Here is Picfair’s handy guide to getting you started!

You can upload up to 50 images on the free plan and set your own price. Picfair will add a percentage on top of your price to the buyer, in order to provide the services at no cost to you.

Should you choose to jump in with both feet it’s easy to sign up to their premium service “Picfair Plus.”

etsy online marketplace logo

Looking for another place that provides no upfront costs for selling your photography? Look no further than ETSY.

With ETSY they will take a small percentage from each sale, allowing ETSY to be able to provide you the ability to run your own store at no upfront cost to you.

This marketplace boasts over 4 million active sellers, and over 80 million active buyers.

Therefore, you instantly have access to a HUGE market and endless possibilities.

Although ETSY photography stores are arguably an over-saturated market, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so don’t be shy!

how photographers make money


squarespace website builder logo

Sure, having most of the photography site design already done is nice, but you know what’s nicer? Keeping 100% of the profits.

Both of these website builders have varying plans at varying prices, however one thing they have in common is that’s it’s flipping easy to make your own website!

Are you sitting there saying “I can’t do that”? Throw some cold water on your face and wake up, BECAUSE YOU CAN!

For more details on building your own photography website check out this article.

selling your photography on squarespace

Final thoughts

Wondering “thanks for information, but what are your top picks?”

The reason being:

  1. Don’t have the time right now to handle shipping, printing, customer service etc? Zenfolio allows you to run a store without all that malarky.
  2. has incredibly powerful features that allows my website and business to grow quickly!

Have any thoughts on these ecommerce solutions? Would you recommend a different platform?

Feel free to share this article if you think it will help someone who is wondering where to sell their images or how photographers make money!

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