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Your photography skills need a good camera to achieve peak performance, but that camera also needs a high-quality strap.

Besides being a tool for keeping your gadget by your side, the best camera straps also help to prevent accidental falls, which can be costly irrespective of the camera type.

Unfortunately, most stock camera straps are low-quality compared to the camera due to them being afterthoughts of the brand.

For this reason, most professional photographers turn to aftermarket camera straps since they’re higher-quality, stronger, and include features for faster and better adjustability.

Best camera straps at a glance:

To help you find the best camera strap for your favourite camera, this article will present our top five recommended options that may be worth your while.

Let’s begin!

best camera strap for photography

The Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide is popular for pro and beginner photographers because of its high-quality and reliable structure.

In addition, the Peak Design strap can function as a sling, shoulder, and neck strap, giving you sufficient versatility for your photography style or preference.

The seat belt-like strap presents a premium fitting, consisting of instant quick-release buttons for easy detachment.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this design is mostly compatible with mirrorless and small-DSLR setups and is available in four colours: ash grey, black, sage green, and midnight blue.

Portability is the only downside of this strap, as it appears relatively bulky when packed down; nevertheless, it’s a versatile strap that’s worth your while.

See what others are saying about Peak Design with these reviews!



  • It appears bulky when packed down

affordable photo equipment

The VKO Camera Strap Rope is popular for its soft cotton feel, and while it’s one of the most affordable options on the market for the best overall camera strap, it’s still an impressive accessory.

This rope has a perfect balance of comfort and visual appeal, unlike other options that look good but feel tough, rough, and hard once worn. It’s a reliable option if you plan to use your camera for prolonged periods.

There’s also no shoulder grip to keep it in place as you move; however, online reviews from photographers that use the VKO Camera Strap Rope didn’t find this feature necessary.

It doesn’t tangle like a flat lay strap or feel overbearing. Instead, it’s simple and minimal yet infinitely comfortable.


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Versatile


  • Straps are not adjustable

premium leather camera strap

Do you want a premium feel to your camera? This leather strap might help you achieve this look. The MegaGear Sierra Series Leather strap is the product of exquisite artisanship as it appears stylish and high-quality thanks to genuine leather.

This strap is soft, secure, and easy to adjust. It facilitates the easy reachability of your camera while resting on your neck or shoulder comfortably. The unisex design makes this leather camera strap a great choice for a gift.

In addition, the non-slip straps give you peace of mind to help protect your camera from being accidentally dropped quick in both outdoor or indoor photography sessions.

This product is mostly compatible with a wide range of SLR and DSLR camera models like Pentax, Nikon, Sony, and Canon.

Ultimately, the MegaGear Sierra Series Leather strap feels comfortable and is built for long-term use.


  • Premium quality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Soft and tension-free straps


  • More expensive than other straps

stylish retro photography accessory

The Capturing Couture Adjustable Camera Strap has a vintage design that gives your camera a retro feel, which is perfect for the fashion-forward photographer. Essentially, it comes with a good balance of form and function.

The straps are made from decorative polyester ribbon with the option to choose various designs.

Furthermore, the strap insides contain neoprene padding covered with polyester velvet, making it easier on your neck when carrying your camera.

It’s also built to last longer and feel comfortable when worn, making it a necessity for photographers that desire a good balance of form and function.



  • Not much padding

compact photography holster

The Think Tank Camera Strap is the most compact strap available, making it perfect for mobile photographers.

However, the major downside of this option is the rope size is relatively similar to a standard neck strap and seems narrow.

Also, with additional hardware, you can connect it to your backpack straps for easier mobility.

This strap is ideal for your camera as it’s comfortable, 147cm long, and compact for street photography.



  • Narrow strap


Choosing the perfect strap for your camera is relatively tricky since there are many different sizes, shapes, styles, and colours available on the market.

However, your choice should depend on several factors, including the type of camera you own, your photography preference and budget.

The recommended options outlined in this list should provide you with a better idea on the best camera straps on the market today to meet your needs.

However, the Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide comes out on top as the best overall strap for both convenience and versatility and is a great option for beginners and professional photographers alike.

Happy snapping!

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